Is God Real?
Embark on a journey to search for evidence of God.

Is There Evidence For God
…an Economist Searches for Answers

Sooner or later every thinking person wonders about God.

After accepting what others had told me about God, I decided to use skills from over a half century of my research to search for evidence of God. My quest would delve into atheism, analyze the supernatural and reported miracles, and examine the religions, all in an effort to find answers. My book, Is There Evidence For God? … an Economist Searches for Answers describes what became the journey of lifetime, my quest for answers about God.

If you are anything like me and looking for God, I invite you to join me on what became the journey of a lifetime, my search for answers.

My Journey for Evidence of the Existence of God

Author Robert Genetski’s Journey Begins

My 90-year old mother, who never missed attending Sunday Mass, told me she no longer believed God was real. It sparked a turning point in my life. For the first time in my life I felt the need to take a serious look into God and Religion. My journey for proof of the existence of God had begun.

Logical & Systematic Approach

In my career as an economist, I was constantly seeking evidence to complicated questions about how the world works. If I was to seek evidence for the existence of God, I’d have to use the same process as I did with the issues that plagued me as an economist. Using a logical and systematic approach would be the only way. I had to dig deeply into history, philosophy, logic, science, and human nature.

Consequences Of My Findings

The more I thought about looking into the questions surrounding God, the more I thought of the consequences. During my career as an economist, I always stressed the importance of not allowing biases to influence the analysis. I had been particularly critical of researchers who limited their research to data that supported their personal views. If I undertook the project, there would be two requirements— the analysis would have to be unbiased, and I would have to accept the evidence, wherever it led. 

The Book Reviews Are In

“...ideal for book clubs and group discussion. A winner.”

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“...Genetski’s impartial and informative approach will appeal to readers seeking to broaden their understanding of faith and engage in thoughtful reflection on their own beliefs.”

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" … great for anyone struggling to understand their feelings about religion … "
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Come with me as I share my findings as I searched for evidence of the existence of God.

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